Developing Development Program (DDP)

About DDP

This year’s Developing Development Program (DDP) curriculum is designed to recognize the need for both immediate fundraising strategies and to rebuild fund development practices for long-term financial security.

Through customized approaches, participants will have the opportunity to apply fundraising best practices in a way that is relevant to the culture of their organizations, the communities they serve, and the unique opportunities and challenges of the current moment. With more discussions happening around what the “new normal” will be, the space we create in DDP will help you strengthen your organization in order to help shape what positive social impact will look like for years to come.


Before joining the DDP program, our strategy was based on throwing shots in the dark on how to approach development; it wasn’t consistent. DDP helped our staff to learn some best practices, putting together for the first time ever an advisory board that will really engage donors at the local level of our national organization. Shimica Gaskins Children’s Defense Fund – California

Shimica Gaskins

Children’s Defense Fund – California

The Power of Our Approach

What sets DPP apart?



Your organization will be matched with an executive-level consultant who will work with your entire DDP team of staff and board members for 8 months. As your coach, your consultant will provide a comprehensive Fund Development Assessment of your existing fund development program after completing a series of stakeholder interviews and analyzing your data, guide you through key development benchmarks for a diversified fundraising portfolio and, most importantly, support you in implementing a customized Fund Development Plan.

With the guidance of your consultant, you will complete various projects throughout the program, including preparing for and making “the ask” to key individual donors.

Peer Learning

You will join a diverse cohort of fellow nonprofit leaders and board members to form a supportive and confidential forum in which to share knowledge and personal experiences and to explore new strategies for dealing with challenging situations.

Together, you will learn to communicate your nonprofit’s evolving priorities and positive social impact to your supporters.

Class Training

Good stewardship depends on your entire team, not just one or two individuals. Participants will explore diverse fund development topics focused on individual giving and sustainability. DDP participants are encouraged to invite up to four staff and board members to each session.

We recommend that participants include the Executive Director, a development staff member, and at least one board member. You may rotate participants throughout the program

How It Works

  • Application Process

    Program Starts February 2023

    Apply through our online form below and contact Meghan Maloney, Associate Director of Volunteers and Cohort Programs, at [email protected], (213) 613-9103 x 119 with any questions.

    Upon receipt of application, you will be contacted to schedule a video interview via Zoom.

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  • We have limited partial sponsorships available to organizations that qualify based on mission and area of focus. Any sponsorships that you are eligible for will be awarded upon acceptance into DDP. Please inquire further when you apply.

  • DDP provided a space for board members to broaden their perspective on fund development and to realize it was not the responsibility of just one person, but up to an entire team of staff and board members. We learned how important it was to cultivate our base of loyal donors, and not neglect them. This was helpful when the COVID-19 pandemic hit because it allowed us to secure funding that was not budgeted and continue providing resources for our families during this unprecedented crisis. It was an eye-opening experience!

    Patricia Siqueiros

    Variety Boys and Girls Club

    Training Sessions

    While the majority of sessions will be held on Zoom, please note that some DDP sessions will now be held in-person at The California Endowment building in Downtown Los Angeles. Public health guidelines will be adhered to throughout the program and adjustments will be made accordingly. These sessions will start from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. P.S.T. You may bring all four members to each session.

    Organization-Coach matching and program pre-work will begin in February 2023.

    • Wednesday June 21, 2023
    • Wednesday July 26, 2023
    • Wednesday September 27, 2023 (in person)

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