ESC’s volunteer, executive-level consultants bring decades of professional experience and a wealth of skills to their roles.  Each of our 100+ consultants shares a passionate desire to make a difference, helping nonprofits face their most pressing challenges – and making our community an extraordinary place in which all can thrive.

ESC’s volunteer consultants come from diverse professional backgrounds with senior management experience in business, nonprofit organizations, academia, and government. This experience, combined with ESC’s intensive training and continuing education, turns their commitment to community service into transformational results for the nonprofit leaders who are our clients.

Becoming a volunteer ESC Consultant

ESC trains and supports our volunteers in a client-centered approach based on a coaching model that employs active listening, facilitation, patience, and guidance – with a deep commitment to client confidentiality.

Prospective volunteers with 20+ years of senior management and/or executive-level experience are encouraged to apply. Experience in the nonprofit sector, as a professional, volunteer or board member, is helpful but not required.

If you are interested in becoming an ESC consultant, please contact Volunteer and Programs Manager Meghan Maloney at

Commitment to Diversity

ESC is committed to deepening our work on diversity and inclusion. We are focused on recruiting new consultants who reflect the diversity of our community to better match the needs of our nonprofit clients and the individuals they serve throughout Southern California. We welcome prospective volunteers who are:


  • People of color
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Spanish-speaking
ESC is also seeking to expand the skill range of our volunteer corps and invites applications from individuals especially with backgrounds in:


  • Fund development
  • Training and facilitation
  • Human resources
  • Social justice and community organizing
ESC is deepening our commitment to DIVERSITY and INCLUSION, in order to better meet the needs of our nonprofit clients and the individuals they serve throughout our region.


For more information about becoming an ESC consultant, please contact Meghan Maloney, Volunteer and Programs Manager at



  • Presidents
  • CEOs
  • Nonprofit Executive Directors 
  • Directors
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Development Directors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Arts Administrators
  • Attorneys
  • University Presidents, Provosts and Deans


  • The California State University System
  • Classical KUSC
  • Center Theater Group
  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • The City of Gardena
  • Ernst & Young
  • Hilton Hotels

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Los Angeles Community College District
  • The Los Angeles Times

  • Los Angeles World Affairs Council
  •  National Public Radio
  • Northrop Grumman
  • The Office of Management and Budget in the White House
  • Olive View-UCLA Medical Center Foundation
  • US Navy

  • Westside Women’s Health Center


  • Susan Afriat
  • Albert Algaze
  • Barbara Arnold
  • Marshal Backlar
  • Judy Bain
  • Bonnie Barnes
  • Susan Barton
  • Natalia Baudin
  • David Blenko
  • J. Lee Braly
  • Ben Breslauer
  • Michael Bridge
  • Jim Bright
  • Karen Buxbaum
  • Linda Camras
  • Betsy Cheek
  • Selina Chi
  • Scott Choate
  • John Coleman
  • Clarence Daniels
  • Rachel Davenport
  • Eric DeWeese
  • Agapito Diaz
  • Lynn Dines
  • Gail Doi
  • Jim Esterle
  • Roxie Esterle
  • Richard Fass
  • Sammy Feuerlicht
  • Mona Field
  • Susan Flaming
  • Gwen Flynn
  • Michele Foster
  • Susan Fox
  • Mark Friedman
  • Beverly Froelich
  • Laura Fuhrman
  • Gabriel Garciamendez
  • Kathryn Girard
  • Dan Goodstein
  • Thyonne Gordon
  • Micah Greenberg
  • Stephen Gutwillig
  • Jeff Henderson
  • Joan Herman
  • Michael Hirschfeld
  • Clive Hoffman
  • Leslie Horowitz
  • Leon Janks
  • Alma Johnson-Hawkins
  • Dale Johnston
  • Cathy Kaiser
  • Gerri Katz
  • Tim Kittleson
  • Bert Kleinman
  • Yu-Lin Kong
  • Devra Korwin
  • John Krakowski
  • Marty Lasker
  • Alan Lavery
  • Steven Lavine
  • George Leftwich
  • Peggy Lennon
  • Hugh Leonard
  • Susan Leonard
    • Liz Leung
    • Chuck Lindahl
    • Michael Linsk
    • Al Linton
    • Brigette Loden
    • Lad Lorenz
    • Brenda Lynch
    • Mike Marshall
    • Renée Martinez
    • Ann McMullan
    • Asbjorn Melo
    • Georgia Mercer
    • Judy Milestone
    • Francine Moskowitz
    • Theresa Murphy
    • Alma Myers
    • Scott Nave
    • Polly Nelson
    • Bea Nemlaha
    • Susan Nero
    • Howard Parmet
    • Teri Paul
    • Yvette Reiner
    • Yesmean Rihbany
    • Jake Rohrer
    • Nancy Sacks
    • Prakash Sakraney
    • Fred Samulon
    • Karen Schneider
    • Janet Schulman
    • Jorge Sciupac
    • Cliff Scott
    • Madonna Shannon
    • Diane Siegfried
    • Marlene Singer
    • Harris Sperling
    • Barry Steinberg
    • Mark Strunin
    • Roberta Suber
    • Ethel Taft
    • Mel Takata
    • Ricardo Tejada
    • Richard Thaler
    • David Tillipman
    • Richard Tom
    • Gene Tuch
    • Dirk van de Bunt
    • Sally Vasen Alter
    • Linda Wah
    • Eileen Walker
    • Lauree Weaver
    • Lois Weinsaft
    • Beverly Weise
    • Jerry Weissman
    • Jeff Wolfe
    • Tena Yatroussis
    • Phil Young
    • Jim Zimring
    Special Recognition


    • 2019 Honorees
    1. Hugh Leonard


    • 2019 Honoree
    1. Richard Thaler


    • 2019 Honoree
    1. Janet Schulman

    For a list of past honorees, please click here.