Become a Consultant

ESC’s dedicated volunteer consultants use their extensive experience as organizational leaders along with ESC’s training to advise senior leaders of nonprofit organizations. Our consultants diagnose problems and identify solutions that can be useful in solving them, working with the client over an extended period to build their capacity to become more effective and sustainable.

If you have a strong senior leadership background, meet the criteria listed below, and would like to volunteer your skills to make a difference for Southern California’s nonprofits, we hope you will consider becoming an ESC consultant. You will get extensive training and support from our professional staff and your peers, along with a deep sense of fulfillment in using your experience to serve our community through transformative consultations.

ESC’s volunteer consultants share certain characteristics that make our services both unique in the local nonprofit landscape and consistently high-quality:

  • Extensive Experience – Our volunteer consultants have all attained senior management positions in their professions, with significant leadership experience. Most also have a history of involvement with nonprofits before joining ESC, usually in volunteer and/or Board capacities.
  • Availability – Our volunteer consultants devote significant time to both client work and ESC trainings. They commit at least 16-20 hours every month to each long-term project to which they are assigned, and are willing to travel during business hours to each client’s location at times that fit the client’s needs. They also must commit to attending extensive initial Basic Training courses and ongoing continuing education.
  • Personal Traits – Our volunteer consultants demonstrate dedication to the nonprofit community by applying a client-centered approach, supporting diversity, employing patience, using active listening, sharing a desire to continue their learning, and having a deep commitment to client confidentiality.

Next Steps

For more information about becoming a volunteer consultant with ESC, please contact Meghan Maloney at 213.613.9103 x19 or mmaloney@escsc.org about next steps.