Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

Are you unclear about what your nonprofit needs right now? Should you engage in strategic planning, board development, fund development, leadership coaching? What should come first? How do you know? Perhaps you aren’t ready for a year-long engagement, but need to get a good baseline understanding of what you need to successfully move forward.

ESC’s consultants now offer a comprehensive three-month organizational assessment. Our consultant team will complete a review of existing operational systems, procedures, resources and culture for a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s strengths, challenges, capacity, opportunities and needs. The assessment will culminate in recommendations, created in collaboration with the organization’s leadership, for how to best enhance the organization’s effectiveness and address its evolving needs. Activities will include project organization, information gathering and analysis and recommendations. General issues for consideration may include:

  • Indicators of success for the current and future environment
  • Framework for organizational and programmatic decision-making
  • Organizational priorities and actions for meeting your mission

Staff Contact:

Vicky Foxworth
Vice President of Organizational Consulting
213.613.9103 x13