Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Do you have a board and/or staff retreat or another important meeting on the horizon? Do you want all members of your team to actively participate rather than have to facilitate themselves? It can be very valuable to have a neutral third-party facilitator work with you and your team to ensure a successful retreat or meeting.

Our consultants will work in collaboration with you and your team to thoughtfully plan and facilitate a retreat or meeting that can range from a half-day session to a multi-day retreat. In partnership with you, our facilitators will help you clarify goals, set objectives, design an agenda, and structure the retreat or meeting. They are trained to create an inclusive space for full group participation and to facilitate group discussions for visioning, brainstorming, decision-making, and planning. Our consultants will customize their approach to achieve your outcomes.

ESC consultants are trained in facilitation and coaching and are adept in meeting our clients where they are. They are flexible, committed, and knowledgeable, and they will bring their professionalism and care to you, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to make your meeting or retreat a success.

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Vicky Foxworth
Vice President of Organizational Consulting
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