Consulting and Institutes

Customized consulting engagements include leadership coaching, fund development assessment, planning and implementation, strategic planning and implementation, board development planning and implementation, tailored management consulting, organizational assessment, and meeting and retreat facilitation. Our engagements are individualized to each client organization’s specific culture, needs, and circumstances.

Institutes combine interactive training, coaching, and peer learning in one comprehensive program. In addition to consulting and coaching support, nonprofit leaders gather for group sessions on best practices in nonprofit management, strategies for fund development, and professional development skills building.

ESC provides coaching and guidance to help our clients learn to “do it themselves,” and offers the extended support needed to ensure successful implementation and sustainable organizational impact. We are committed to making a lasting and significant transformation on nonprofits, actively engaging their leadership to cultivate long-term and comprehensive change. Our volunteer model allows us to provide a consistently high level of service and to spend the necessary time to ensure lasting results for each client. Our engagements range from three to 18 months based on a client’s request and the scope of work.