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SHARE! the Self Help And Recovery Exchange

Leadership Coaching

SHARE! the Self Help And Recovery Exchange tripled the size of its staff in one year, advancing staff with varying levels of experience into management roles. With the support of ESC’s custom Leadership Coaching, SHARE!’s new program managers honed their management skills and got in touch with their personal motivations as leaders. SHARE! now has a core management team that is skilled, empowered and 100% dedicated to its mission.

The Project

46,000 individuals served each year. 130 self-help groups. 12 staff. In 2011, Ruth Hollman, Executive Director of SHARE!, knew there was no way around it – they were understaffed and pushed to capacity. SHARE! provides space and support to individuals in recovery, but needed more support themselves. Over the next three years, with leadership coaching from ESC, Ruth was able to build strong community partnerships and secure new grant funding. The hard work paid off in one huge unexpected way: in 2013, SHARE!’s budget tripled in size, and staffing needs jumped from 12 positions to 40. Excited as she was, Ruth was nervous: “This propelled many of my team, who had no management experience, into leadership roles.”

SHARE!’s newest program managers had a range of expertise and life experiences, from self-help recoverees to high school graduates with limited work history. Dedicated as they were to SHARE!’s programs, Ruth said “the new management was simply not there.” At her encouragement, five new managers stepped up for leadership coaching with ESC in 2014. Each received one-on-one coaching and attended group trainings led by ESC coaches on critical management skills.

Each of SHARE!’s new managers met regularly with their ESC coach, who gave them supportive feedback while helping them place their new roles and responsibilities into the larger context of the organization. In group trainings, participants tackled thoughtful questions such as “How do you discipline without discouragement?” By the end of their one-year coaching and training experience, the managers were able to “connect to SHARE!’s mission on their own terms,” Ruth observed, which was ultimately “a far more powerful motivator” than any top-down definition of the mission. The success of this initial cohort has led SHARE! to continue to work with ESC to provide coaching to groups of new and continuing managers in 2015 and beyond.

The Result

Now the SHARE! team is stronger than ever. Ruth trusts her staff, and their confidence and skills have increased: “Everyone is on the same page. My staff is as committed as I am, if not more, to the mission.” Even better, Ruth and her senior staff are “no longer stuck in the minutia” and can think outward towards larger goals for the organization. SHARE! continues to grow both in its mission and size, and ESC is back again to help train its newest cohort of managers.