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ESC celebrates another year of successful collaboration with L.A. Works in support of its volunteer certification program, the Points of Light Service Enterprise Initiative. With ESC’s coaching integrated into the program, seven nonprofit organizations boosted their ability to work creatively and effectively with volunteers in support of their missions.

The Project

In July 2016, ESC wrapped up its fourth year of collaboration with L.A. Workson the Points of Light Service Enterprise certification program. The Service Enterprise program aims to increase the impact of volunteers in the nonprofit sector. By leveraging the power of volunteers across departments, leadership levels and programs, nonprofits can transform their organizations and achieve greater success. This year, seven participating organizations learned to leverage the power of volunteers to successfully deliver on their social missions.

Gyasi Parker-Ross, Director of Programs of L.A. Works, describes Service Enterprise as a challenge to organizations to “step up their volunteer game” because “when you engage your volunteers, you strengthen your community.” As a strongly volunteer-driven organization and certified Service Enterprise ourselves, ESC was eager to get in on the ground floor and has been a part of this transformative volunteer initiative since it commenced in 2012.

In 2016, ESC consultants joined the program participants in four intensive training workshops, helping their clients identify how they might apply lessons learned to strengthen their volunteer programs in a way that best fits their individual mission. With missions as diverse as food rescue to animal rehabilitation to transformative justice, it was important for the participants to identify the unique value of their volunteers. By working with the participants one-on-one, and providing structure and accountability, ESC’s coaches helped reinforce their learning, allowing them to “put their best volunteer ideas into action” explains Janet McIntyre, ESC’s Vice President of Programs and Training.

The Result

With another Service Enterprise program in the works for 2017, ESC looks forward to working with L.A. Works again on strengthening volunteer impact across the local nonprofit community. ESC’s partnership with Service Enterprise has strengthened ESC’s connection to the community and deepened our commitment to volunteerism.