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GO Campaign

Consultant Site Visit

When Tim Kittleson was traveling in Peru this summer, he reached out to his ESC client GO Campaign, a global charity focused on improving children’s lives. He set up the client site visit of a lifetime to meet with Celeste Martin of Manos Unidas, a GO grantee dedicated to assisting youth with disabilities to reach their full potential through education and vocational training opportunities.

The Project

Six months into his Strategic Planning and Board Development project with GO Campaign, ESC coach Tim Kittleson felt inspired. GO Campaign is a small grassroots charity that gives opportunity to children all over the world through education, healthcare, vocational training and more. Working closely with GO’s Founder and CEO Scott Fifer, Tim learned about the power of the Local Hero – an incredible leader transforming children’s lives through innovative solutions using local resources and support.

The idea of meeting one of GO’s Local Heroes in person struck Tim when he was traveling in Peru. Thanks to GO’s introduction, Tim was able to connect with Manos Unidas, a small NGO dedicated to serving children and youth with disabilities in a remote part of Cusco. He describes the experience as “nothing short of amazing.”

Tim: “When you visit Cusco, everywhere you look, there are marks of Spanish colonialism. But then you get in a cab, not speaking any Spanish, and you have your hotel doorman write the address down. All of a sudden after 30 minutes, you’re in part of a city that you would never have believed you just left your hotel from. Even the ride to Manos Unidas was impactful, but then you get to meet the Local Heroes, these two amazing women. It was deeply touching and educational to see in action what GO’s Local Heroes do for their communities.”

Upon arrival at Manos Unidas, Tim met with co-founder Celeste Martin and was quickly inspired by the organization’s passion to teach and empower children with disabilities. He explains proudly, “Just eight years ago, they just had two students doing afterschool tutoring in the founder’s living room. Today, they run a school that serves 80 students with 30 staff.” Tim spent hours talking with Celeste and exploring the entire facility with her. He was excited when they visited the vocational training program that GO has funded: a small student-run café and urban garden. As they sat in the bustling café, Tim was in awe of the hardworking, generous team of students and staff. The investment GO made in Manos Unidas was making incredible returns with room to grow.

The Result

For Tim, the site visit was beyond expectations: “It was a delight and an honor to hear Manos Unidas’ story and their dreams for the future.” The experience helped Tim truly grasp the mission of GO Campaign to make an investment and give opportunity to children all around the world. He felt personally impacted and enlightened by his experience with Manos Unidas.