Who We Are

Since 1981, ESC has been providing nonprofit organizations with highly affordable management consulting and leadership development services. We train and support our volunteer executive consultants so they can use their extensive industry experience to benefit nonprofit organizations and our community.

Our team of highly motivated, proven leaders helps nonprofit executives achieve more – with their operations, board, and fund development – leading to long-term, comprehensive change.

Why ESC?

We know and understand Southern California. And as a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the challenges nonprofits face.

We can help you with the challenges of leadership – the competing demands, the daily operational necessities, the distractions that seize your attention. Our consultants work with you to achieve better balance and improve day-to-day operations while maintaining focus on your long-term strategic goals.

The ESC approach helps you build your strengths. After we develop an effective plan or solution together, we work with you right through the implementation phase, coaching you along the way, enabling you to put theory into practice and to achieve significant, sustainable improvements in the work you and your nonprofit do.

That’s different. It’s powerful. And it works.