Who We Are

Founded in 1981 as a nonprofit dedicated to serving other nonprofits, ESC understands the unique challenges facing the Southern California nonprofit community. We work with organizations of all sizes and missions as they grow and evolve, providing an approach that is individualized and tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Our team of highly-trained consultants volunteer their knowledge, experience and expertise to help nonprofits face their most pressing challenges—and impact the lives of those who depend on their services every day. Our consultants partner with our clients, providing a consistently high level of service and devoting the necessary time to ensure lasting results.

At ESC, we are committed to our clients' success, staying involved from planning through implementation and impact.

Our Vision

Successful nonprofits making our community an extraordinary place in which all can thrive.

Our Mission

To empower nonprofits to achieve their missions through affordable coaching and consulting by trained executive-level volunteers.

Our Values

  • COLLABORATION: Using a partnering approach for mutual development and enrichment
  • INTEGRITY: Putting service first, fulfilling commitments and earning trust
  • QUALITY: Striving for excellence in all we do
  • RELATIONSHIPS: Forging strong connections throughout our community
  • IMPACT: Making a meaningful difference through dedicated service
  • RESOURCEFULNESS: Creatively building on diverse experience and expertise, continuous learning and customized approaches